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Breaking things is the first stage in discovering weaknessess, we always "trust" but first we need to "verify", how? by breaking!.


We successfully broke it during the verification process? No problem, now it's our turn to harden it to make it stronger than ever.


Repeating the previous process with different methodologies to ensure that neither us nor anyone else can break it in the future.

What else?

Security is never a mission to be accomplished, security is an endless process involves breaking, hardening, verifying and trusting.


Real-world attacking scenarios!

We offer real world attacking scenarios and adversary simulations that reflects whether your business is secure and can be trusted or it requires our security team's interaction to put their touches to achieve our one and only goal which is 'Hardening' your business and make it harder for hackers to gain unauthorized access to it.

Break and Harden

We love builders but sorry, we are breakers, breaking is what we love to do on a daily basis this is the reason why we are existing, we break in a way that makes it a perfect and a teachable moment for builders to discover where exactly they fail hence business owers will have the knowledge and a secure business because of our endless journey of breaking and hardening.

Escalate, Evaluate. Repeat!

Discovering a security issue is just the first step in a thousand miles road, We escalate whatever could be escalated to show the real impact and then we evaluate the risk of the discovered issues based on the impact that can be done to businesses through vulnerability assessment methodologies.

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Attacks will never stop, Get ready to stand out!

We worked closely with tech giants to mitigate severe attacks which could have affected the privacy and security of billions of users around the world. Attacks will never stop, Get ready to stand out!



Tech giants we proudly helped

We proudly helped and worked closely with security teams from companies and big tech giants all over the world to ethically and responsibly address security vulnerabilities that may affect billions of users under their own responsible disclosure rules.

About Seekurity

Who are we?
Seekurity is a Mexican consulting company, provider of services and solutions in Information security and cybersecurity. Focused on startups, medium and corporate companies, government, civil organizations, individuals, etc. In addition to the information mentioned above, Seekurity has discovered several Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) in different technologies and industries, including vulnerabilities in commercial security tools. These CVE numbers are being issued by the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), which is the repository of the US government of standards-based vulnerability management data represented by the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP).

What we offer?
As we believe that CVEs and the aforementioned discoveries are not enough in a world full of risks, Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the information security and cybersecurity sector, We classify the services in such a way that it is easier to identify the need of the contracting company at the beginning of the project. We are offering various consulting services and products, some can be offered on-site and others can be offered off-site. Read more here.
Our Mission
Inspire and guide in the generation of safe mechanisms and processes for information systems, generating internal and external awareness about the importance of security, as well as the need to protect all assets that interact directly or indirectly with the information they own or protect. company unacceptable risks.

Our Vision
Business perspective: Maximize the placement of information security and cybersecurity consulting services with the generation of strategic indicators and aligned with the business objectives, such as: Savings on expenses and added values.
Staff perspective: Inspire staff with constant training making knowledge their best tool in dealing with the problems and needs of the sector.
Information perspective: Use the information as a tool that allows us to direct the business towards the fulfillment of our mission as a company.
Application perspective: Consider that applications are the engine for measuring the effectiveness or efficiency of our processes and activities.
Infrastructure perspective: Use as a fuel for the fulfillment of the objectives, a safe infrastructure, mitigating the potential risks for the business.

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We have been mentioned in various Arabic, English and Spanish news due to our contributions and achievements of making the world a safer place. Get to know us:

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